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Linear 2 Axis Manipulator

The linear motion manipulator is designed for thermal spray applications and provides rapid precision of xy axis movement. Custom manipulators are available for specific geometeries to optimize the spray processes for circular, rectangular or ring components.

Features and Benefits of Linear Manipulators include:

  • Servo motor controlled on all axes, to ensure reliable, precise and safe performance.
  • X axis reach from 0.5m to 20m, Y axis from 0.5m to 3m
  • Can spray rectangle area.
  • Optional X and Y simultaneous movement to spray circular or ring part.
  • E-stop and safety loop interfaced to main thermal spray equipment.
  • Precision: ≤±0.10mm
  • Maximum gun and cable weight = 20kg. Sufficient for most torches configurations.
  • Holder for various gun designs.
  • Patented dust protection for drive mechanism.
  • Hi-frequency proof on all components, in case of the hi frequency influence when ignition


Specifications for SprayWerx’s LQ-XY two axes robot manipulator:

Motor type AC Brushless
X axis Max reach length 1600mm
Y Axis Max reach length 500mm
X axis motion speed 0 – 0.6m/s
Y axis motion speed 0 – 0.4m/s
precision ≤±0.10mm
load 20 kg
weight Around 190k