WC-10Co-4Cr Powders

WC 104

SprayWerx delivers high quality, cost effective powders for thermal spray applications.

SprayWerx WC 104 thermal spray powder is available in various  size distributions to meet specific application and specific torch operating characteristics.

Product Chemistry Size Specification
WC 104 WC-10Co-4Cr 15-45 µm
WC 104 F WC-10Co-4Cr 5-15 µm
WC 104 FN WC-10Co-4Cr 2-20 µm

Particle size analysis is provided using a Malvern Mastersizer 2000 particle analyser to provide a consistent size distribution from batch to batch.


This specific batch has  the following size characteristics:

  • D10 = 20.6 µm
  • D50 = 31.2 µm
  • D90 =  44.9 µm


WC-10Co-4Cr, +15-45 µm


Composite WC-Co-Cr Powder

Typical HVOF Coating Sprayed with WC 104

Hardness: Hv300: 1100-1250

Porosity: < 1%

Bond Strength: > 10,000 psi

Cracks: none


Coating Sprayed with Kerosene Fuel HVOF

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