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ID Nova HVOF represents a breakthrough for internal diameter coating devices, bringing together functionality, robustness and reliability to the process. The ID Nova HVOF has axial feed of powder and is designed for coating small internal diameters at high power levels. ID Nova HVOF was tested successfully at National Research Council Canada Industrial Materials Institute in Boucherville. ID Nova HVOF can be operated on existing controllers that deliver hydrogen and oxygen. It can be supplied with an extension arm.

Spraywerx has partnered with AMT AG to provide aerospace solutions in a collaborative effort through the Eureka Label program.


ID Nova HVOF Specifications

Power output: 72 kW

Hydrogen input: 400 slpm

Oxygen input: 300 slpm

Minimum Feed hopper pressure: 100 psi

Recommended Water flow rate: 35 l/min

Maximum Carrier gas input: 100 slpm

Operates in diameters: 100mm

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id nova hvof spray
id nova hvof
id-nova hvof

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