GTV MultiStream Laser Clad Nozzle


GTV GmbH has developed a new multi feed laser cladding head with CCD feed back control. The GTV MutiStream (PN6620) incorporatessix intersecting  powder feed streams at the laser focal point.

The six streams are fed by a GTV 2/2 powder feeder and each line is split into three separate line using GTV’s feed splitting block technology with each exiting via six injector ports on the front face of the nozzle. This independent control results in superior powder feed control that is independent of torch motion and orientation to 90 degrees.

A CCD Camera feedback control algorithm provides further improvement to process control and deposit quality.  Radiation intensity is measured in small and large views represented within the boxes on the monitor.


The first “small/klein” view measures the molten spot where the laser and power interact on the part surface. The feedback radiation is a combination of input laser and part temperature radiation intensity. The user selects a maximum and minimum intensity through empirical
practice and history. If the intensity falls above or below these preset maximum and minimum values, the controller automatically adjusts the laser power to compensate to provide uniform heating. Typically, the part will experience a higher part temperature that results in lower laser power requirement as the process working time increases.

The “large/gross” view, large box, provides an indication of the status of the protection glass that separates valuable nozzle optics from the working environment. As the intensity of this view is a direct indication of the status of the protection glass. When the intensity  increases above a preset threshold, this indication that protection glass is of need of replacement.


Technical Specifications

Typical powder grain size

20 – 160 µm

Recommended powder feed rates

2 – 80 g/min

Powder focus

2 – 6 mm

Distance nozzle-surface

10 – 25 mm

Welding angle

0 - 90 °

Maximum laser power

6 kW

Laser types

Diode Laser, Fiber Laser, Disk Laser, Nd:YAG Laser

Cooling Water

6 bar

Powder jet Injectors

6 Standard

Shielding gas

Argon 6 bar 5 – 50 l/min

Powder gas

Argon 1 – 10 l / min

Powder injector

1.5 mm, 1.2 mm, 1.0 mm

Diameter nozzle body

60 mm

Length nozzle body

100 mm

Adjustment X-Y-Z unit

Approx. 180mm