Spraywerx is GTV distribution partner since 2012. Spraywerx represents GTV line of thermal spray and laser cladding systems and components.


Spraywerx and AMT AG have teamed up to develop ID HVOF solutions for the aerospace industry. The companies have a collaboration agreement through the Eureka program.


Spraywerx Represents Innovnano for their Low K Yttria Stabilized Zirconia (YSZ) powder used for thermal barrier coatings (TBC) on gas turbine engines. Testing at NRC has shown exceptional robustness with low thermal conductivity for these APS and SPS materials.


Spraywerx has been third party testing the ID Nova at NRC in Boucherville Quebec. NRC is initiating a new industrial research collaboration called Surftec. The ID Nova HVOF and its capabilities will be a focus in this program.