Powder Feeders

Spraywerx sells powder feeders for thermal spray and laser cladding. Configurations can vary and can be customized to customer specifications. Communicate your requirements to Spraywerx through the “Build Your Feeder” feature.


GTV PF 2/2 Powder Feeder

The GTV PF 2/2 powder feeder is based on over 20 years well known PT Twin system. The GTV 2/2 is a further advancement of this earlier development. The GTV 2/2 has proven to be reliable in both thermal spray and laser cladding powder feed applications.

  • Siemens PLC

  • 2 - rotameter type flow meters

  • 2 - motor driven hoppers with RPM setpoint and actual display

  • 2 Disk assemblies (see below for options)

  • 2 stirrers (on/off)

  • 2 feed hoses

  • 2 gas input hoses 


GTV 2/2 LC Powder Feeder

This Low Cost GTV 2/2 LC Powder Feeder incorporates identical disks, spreaders and suction assemblies as the standard GTV 2/2. The differences are as follows: 

  • No PLC

  • No Stirrer

  • No Operator Panel

  • Disk Rotation speed set with  potentiometer

  • Low Cost GTV 2/2 LC includes:

  • 2 Rotameters for carrier gas control

  • 2 moter driven hoppers (1.5 litre standard)

  • 2 feed hoses

  • 2 gas hoses

  • Power cable

Custom Powder Feeders

Powder feeders can be customized for various applications. Click below to build your own custom feeder.