Thermal Spray

Spraywerx offers a full range of thermal spray equipment through its international partners. This equipment spans Plasma, HVOF, Arc Wire, sensors and customized solutions through turnkey spray cells.

Spraywerx offers numerous other options for plasma. Contact us at the bottom of the page for more information.



ID-Nova HVOF represents a breakthrough for internal diameter coating devices bringing together functionality, robustness and reliability to the process. The ID-Nova HVOF has axial feed of powder and is designed for coating small internal diameters at high power levels. ID-Nova HVOF was tested successfully at National Research Council Canada Industrial Materials Institute in Boucherville. ID-Nova HVOF can be operated on existing controllers that deliver hydrogen and oxygen. It can be supplied with an extension arm.

Spraywerx has partnered with AMT AG to provide aerospace solutions in a collaborative effort through the Eureka program.


Kerosene fuelled HVOF from GTV



Gaseous fuel, air cooled HVOF from GTV


Top Gun HVOF

HVOF Gun for suspension spraying

Plasma Torch Systems

GTV Plasma torches such as F1, F4, F6, F7, 3/7/9MB, P2, SG100, Delta and Penta plasma guns and systems available


Delta Gun

3 anode plasma gun from GTV to provide enhanced arc stability

Screen Shot 2017-06-14 at 3.14.59 PM.png

Powder Flame Spray Guns

Quality cost effective flame spray guns including: 5PII, 6PII, Variobond, Uni Spray Jet, Mini Spray Jet

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Wire Flame Spray

Model 11E, 12E, 15E as well as 7K wire thermal spray torches which is an Advancement of the 5K model.

spark 400 hvof

Spark 400

High Velocity wire arc system

NIR Sensor

Near Infrared Sensor for particle temperature and velocity

Compact Controller

Compact controller for plasma and HVOF

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GTV Suspension Feeder

Suspension feeder for use in liquid suspension spraying