Revolutionary Thermal Spray Technology

The ID Nova HVOF represents the latest in thermal Spray technology. Through years of research and experience, this knowledge has culminated into a robust, reliable ID-Nova HVOF spray gun ready for the most challenging applications.




The patent pending ID-Nova HVOF represents a breakthrough for internal diameter coating devices bringing together functionality, robustness and reliability to the process. In addition to its increased stability the ID-Nova HVOF is able to be fitted to many existing controllers.


Other Product Categories

Thermal spray

Spraywerx offers a full range of thermal spray equipment through its international partners. This equipment spans Plasma, HVOF, Arc Wire, sensors and customized solutions through turnkey spray cells.

powder feeders

Spraywerx sells powder feeders for thermal spray and laser cladding. Configurations can vary and can be customized to customer specifications. Communicate your requirements


LAser Cladding

Laser Cladding is a surfacing technique that is utilized for hard facing and part restoration build-up coatings